Active Environments Resources – Papers

The following are selected papers and articles from a variety of sources that have either been published or presented at professional conferences worldwide by Active Environments. It is our desire to contribute to the advancement of positive reinforcement training and to enhance animal care and welfare whenever possible. So, we hope you find these materials useful and feel free to duplicate and share with others.


Protected Contact Beyond the Barrier

Sedation Procedures for Dental Surgery on a Female Asian Elephant

Medical Management of Asian Elephants at the Houston Zoological Gardens

Protected Contact and Elephant Welfare

Converting Elephant Programs to Protected Contact

The Politics of Protected Contact

Protected Contact Elephant Training


Managing Monkey Behavior: Advancing the Social Management of Old World Monkeys

A Behavioral Management Approach to Caring for Great Apes

General Training

The Use of Positive Reinforcement Techniques in the Medical Management of Captive Animals

The Use of Behavioral Techniques to Reduce Aggression and Enhance Socialization

Behavioral Management an Integrated Approach to Animal Care

The Use of Positive Reinforcement Training in the Management of Species for Reproduction

Applied Problem Solving to Diminish Abnormal Behavior

Prototyping Naturalistic Enrichment Features: A Case Study

The Use of Positive Reinforcement Techniques to Enhance the Care, Management, and Welfare of Laboratory Primates

Use of Positive Reinforcement Techniques in Primates to Enhance Animal Care, Research and Enrichment

Training to Enhance Socialization and Reproduction of Drills

The Role of Behavior Management in Enhancing Exhibit Design and Use

Positive Reinforcement as an Enrichment Strategy

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