Active Environments – Site Visits

We train your staff to effectively implement behavioral programs using a combination of lectures and written materials, one-on-one discussions, and direct work with staff and animals. In addition, AE will assist management in developing policies, procedures, and record-keeping systems. Each site visit is followed up with a comprehensive report.

Site visits include the following components:

1. Facility assessment and goal setting
Behavior Management programs begin with a comprehensive site review. We tour the facility, observe daily operations, and interview staff relevant to the project. The result is a confidential assessment of the current situation and recommendations for a course of action.

2. Lectures
We have several lectures to choose from based on your specific needs. Lectures are interactive and appropriate for any size group.

  • Introduction to Behavioral Management – general talk ideal for interested staff in all departments.
  • Operant Conditioning – in depth discussion of terms and techniques to address common management issues such as daily husbandry behaviors, medical management, and social management; designed for animal management and related staff (curator, colony manager, veterinarian, researcher, investigator)
  • Problem Solving – ideal for animal management staff and useful to general staff
  • Environmental Enrichment Overview – customized to facility needs and status of Enrichment program
  • Social Management – in depth program ideal for facilities with primates and other social species, focusing on pair and group housing, introductions, aggression, and separation.

3. Practical instruction in the workplace
Time spent in one-on-one work directly with staff and animals is the best way to put lessons taught into action. This practical instruction includes in-depth discussions with staff, demonstrations of training techniques, and guidance and oversight as staff train animals.

4. Site visit report
This report summarizes the visit and provides detailed suggestions and specific training protocols for managers and animal care staff to keep momentum and maximize progress.

5. Follow-up site visits
It has been our experience that the most successful programs are ones that have multiple consultant site visits. Training is a skill that requires significant time, effort, and practice to develop. On-going assessment of training activities, quick input on problems encountered, and expert assistance in developing staff training skills produce better trainers, and faster more effective results. With multi-visit contracts we provide unlimited between-visit consultations through email and telephone.

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