Active Environments Services – Video, Phone, Email Consulting

Active Environments offers three consulting options as either follow-up to site visits or as alternatives to site visits: video review, telephone, and e-mail consultation. These options are most useful with a specific behavioral problem or when staff has developed significant behavioral management experience.

Video Review

Video review allows us to actually see a presenting problem or training session in the “real life” context of facilities, staff, and other details that may be missed in a verbal description. Following an initial conversation to discuss the situation, a video is sent to AE for review and comment. We will then follow up with a phone conversation to discuss the video and provide suggestions on how to proceed. If needed, we will also provide a written review of the video that includes an assessment of the situation, critique of current techniques, and detailed suggestions for further action. All video will be handled in strictest confidentiality.


Telephone consultation is suggested for Clients with staff that have significant behavioral management experience. We will discuss and review the situation, and with your staff, develop strategies to best meet the objectives. A written summary of the conversation will be provided if needed.


E-mail consultation services can provide an on-going information exchange. A single question or problem can be submitted, and our staff will respond with an answer or request for additional information. This exchange can be continued until the problem is resolved. The e-mail communications provide the written record of suggestions and direction provided.

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